The Samara Model of the ASEAN

The Samara Interuniversity Model of Association of South East Asian Nations is a simulation of an academic conference and role-playing game in which participants reproduce the work of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit.

Participants act as ambassadors of Association of Southeast Asian Nations member countries. It allows them to acquire not only diplomatic, leadership, public speaking, and language skills, but also the ability to reach an agreement. Moreover, delegates learn about current trends in international relations in theory and in practice, also they gain experience in building effective communication and multilateral diplomacy among ASEAN member states.

The Model is organized and conducted in accordance with the principles formulated in the ASEAN Charter and the Bangkong Declaration of 1967. The working language of the ASEAN Model is English.

The final goal of each simulated ASEAN Summit is to produce a joint outcome statement containing recommendations for the solution of the problem at issue. This goal can only be realized if a consensus is reached for all participants represented at this ASEAN Summit, in accordance with the principles of the organization.

Pupils and students of higher educational institutions based in the Samara region are invited to participate in the ASEAN Model. A charge of positive emotions and new friends are guaranteed!

Curator of the Samara Interuniversity Model of the ASEAN: Shakurova Gulya