The National Forum “International Integration and Career in Russia” is being held in the Samara region for the second day

On Tuesday, October 17, at the Regional Centre for the Development of Public Diplomacy and International Relations named after Evgeniy M. Primakov, the opening of the All-Russian forum «International Integration and Career in Russia» (16+) took place.

The forum is organized by Samara National Research University named after Sergey P. Korolev together with the Russian Society «Knowledge».

The forum is attended by executive authorities, business, public organizations, educational communities, as well as foreign and Russian students. This composition makes it possible to synchronize the views of different structures on the issues of creating a comfortable environment for studying foreign students at Russian universities and subsequent employment of the most talented of them.

The forum was opened by the rector of the university, head of the regional branch of the Russian Society «Knowledge» Vladimir Bogatyrev:

“The topic of the forum is extremely important: the number of foreign students increases every year both in the country and in the Samara region, and at our university. Moreover, this trend is characteristic not only of Russia. Students are increasingly moving to other cities and countries to get a quality education. Thus, at Samara University named after Sergey P. Korolev, the number of foreign students has increased approximately fivefold over ten years.

During the learning process, questions arise related to the adaptation of such students to the cultural environment of our country and their further employment. So this forum is important for foreign students, for the university, and for society”.

The head of the department for the development of educational activities in the Volga Federal District of the Russian Society «Znanie», Dmitry Travkin, in his speech emphasized that educational work in the Samara region has reached a new level:

“At the end of June this year, the regional branch of the Russian Society «Knowledge» in the Samara region received a reboot. The objectives of the Society are in the area of ​​special attention of Governor Dmitry Igorevich Azarov, who headed the supervisory board of the regional department. The Samara regional branch of the Russian Society “Knowledge”, headed by Vladimir Bogatyrev, is actively developing, participating in projects at the regional and federal levels, and making a significant contribution to the development of educational activities throughout the Volga Federal District. Thousands of educational events are held — scientific battles, competitions, quizzes, performances by prominent people from the field of history, culture, science are organized, films are made.

We help lecturers be heard and find their audience. The Russian society «Knowledge» today unites everyone who cares about education, development, and reliable knowledge”.

The forum participants were also greeted by Deputy Director of the Institute of China and Central Asia of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Kulintsev, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Senator from the Samara Region Farit Mukhametshin.

Federal Inspector for the Samara Region Marat Yuryev welcomed the forum participants on behalf of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Volga Federal District Igor Komarov.

In addition to it, Vice-Rector for Extracurricular Affairs Mikhail Leonov read out a welcoming address from the grandson of the famous politician and head of «Rossotrudnichestvo» Evgeniy Primakov:

“More than a thousand students from 69 countries study at Samara National Research University named after Sergey P.  Korolev. Together with Russian students, these guys create a multicultural environment that requires special attention. I am glad that the management and teaching staff of the university are thinking about how to adapt students from all over the world to new conditions and make their interaction as comfortable as possible. It is important not to leave the children throughout the entire training period. Integrate them not just into society, but also into the system of labor and economic relations, determine the trajectory of their professional development. This forum is intended to answer these questions”.

The forum will last two days. Activities include round tables and lectures. During the second day, there will be an art platform for foreign students, where the results of the «Foreigner in Russia» competition will be summed up.

Thus, Oksana Amelkina, head of the volunteer direction «DobroVo» of the youth league of students of PNIPU, shared her experience of volunteer activities of foreign students of the Perm Polytechnic in adapting to work at different stages of education. Farkhod Gofur Ugli Erkinov, head of the Center for Career Development and Youth Entrepreneurship at the North Caucasus Federal University, will present the project «Career School for Foreign Students of the North Caucasus Federal District».

A lecture on the topic «Cross-cultural aspects of the international activities of a public organization» will be given by Dmitry Khilov, head of the regional branch of the All-Russian public organization «Business Russia».

As part of the forum, a Career Festival will be held at the university site, where students — future engineers, programmers and economists — will be able to communicate with company representatives. Here you can get advice from employees of the Employment and Career Department and quickly fill out your resume.

13 companies were invited to the festival, among them «Russian Federal Nuclear Center — All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics», «Satellite Innovative Space Systems», «OKB Aerospace Systems», VTB Bank, «Pharmperspektiva», Samara Reservoir Plant, Instrument Plant bearings, «Polad», LLC «Rikvest-Samara», «First Tower Company», «SMS-Information Technologies».

A comment:

Vladimir Bogatyrev, rector of Samara University:

“The topic of internationalization is one of the leading ones for many Russian universities. Currently, about a thousand students from 69 countries study at Korolev Samara University alone. Foreign students understand that getting an education in the regions is more profitable than in the capital. They choose us because they are confident that the scientific schools behind the brand of Samara and Samara University – primarily in the field of aerospace technologies – will allow them to easily build a career not only in their homeland, but in any country. The economics, philology and law faculties of the university are gaining increasing popularity among foreigners”.

Applicants know that they will be taught by leading scientists engaged in real scientific research. Knowledge and skills transmitted within traditional scientific schools are complemented by modern competencies.

The university’s research teams are involved in internationalization processes. For this, all the necessary conditions are created: leading foreign scientists are invited, and more and more English-language educational programs are appearing in various areas of training.

Dmitry Travkin, head of the department for the development of educational activities in the Volga Federal District of the Knowledge Society:

“This forum is an excellent example of co-creation and cooperation between Samara University and the Samara regional branch of the Russian Society «Znanie». In the modern world, one of the most important aspects of the development of society is the education and socialization of a young person. A person’s future path, his career, and success depend on his level of education. At the same time, the professional knowledge and competencies of a specialist are related to the development of the region and the country as a whole. Today studying abroad is a trend.

And today, due to the increase in the number of foreign students, the role of cross-cultural competence of young people, adaptation of students to a new life, integration into the system of labor, social, economic relations, and building trajectories of their professional growth are growing. The Samara regional branch of the society participates in educational projects at the regional level and contributes to the development of educational activities throughout the Volga Federal District. The Russian society «Knowledge» today unites everyone who cares about education, development, and reliable knowledge”.

Source: SOVA.