At the Government of the Samara region were awarded the winners of the “SamInter-2022”

On February 15, 2023, the Government of the Samara region awarded the winners and participants of the Samara interuniversity competition of scientific-research works  on international relations SamInter-2022, which was attended by students of universities in the region.

The experts assessed the level of competitive works and noted numerous offers for new areas of cooperation between the region and the countries of Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan), Transcaucasia (Armenia, Azerbaijan), Turkey, Iran, India.

The contestants had to do research on the socio-economic potential of the region of a foreign state, explore the possibility of its interaction with the Samara region and give examples of successful cooperation with the subjects of the Russian Federation.

— This year the students took the most relevant topics – the Republic of Azerbaijan, Iran, I would like to mention separately, and India, these are the areas are the most priority for the region in the current situation. The competition allows you to choose  the most promising guys for the purpose of their further employment and the development of foreign economic relations of the region,” said Vera Shcherbacheva, head of the External Relations Department of the Administration of the Governor of the Samara Region.

The authors of 12 works were awarded diplomas of participants and prize-winners. The first place was taken by a student of the historical faculty of Samara University, Alina Barabina. She chose the topic of international cooperation between the Samara region and the Indian state of Maharashtra. Alina studies foreign languages and Asian culture, dreams of working in the international sphere.

The second place was taken by Alisa Barchunova with work on promising areas of cooperation between the Samara region and the Ganja-Dashkesan Economic Region of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The third place was taken by Roman Senichev with his work on the topic of cooperation between the Samara region and the Iranian ostan Esfahan.

The winners and prize–winners will undergo an internship in the organizing organizations of the competition:

  • Ministry of Economic Development and Investments of the Samara Region;
  • Department of External Relations of the Samara region of the Administration of the Governor of the Samara region;
  • Union “Chamber of Commerce and Industry” Samara region;
  • The Club of exporters of the Samara region.

Therefore, students will be able to put their ideas into practice.

On behalf of the organizers, we congratulate the winner and prize-winners of the competition and look forward to students of all universities of the Samara region next year, since international relations can also be developed in the field of healthcare, education, and public diplomacy.

Photo: Anton Afanasyev.