On October 5, the Primakov Centre in cooperation with the Zero Chair: SNO of the History Department held a PowerPoint Party! Within the framework of this event, students of the Faculty of History made presentations on topical and interesting political, cultural and historical topics.

Serious and sometimes controversial issues requiring great concentration were discussed through the prism of memes, which, of course, brightened the evening and added laughter.

As Andrei Chistyakov – a 4th year student of the History Department of the direction of International Relations:

“Memes unite. You know what memes of today and those of 30 years ago have in common? That’s right, absurdity.”

Sometimes it is through absurdity and laughter that one can learn and understand more than in a serious conference. That is why the audience was attentive and smiling throughout the evening.

This format of the event was appreciated by both the speakers and the audience, who with curiosity and interest asked questions to the reports of Power Point Party participants and developed the discussion at the speed of light.

The meeting featured six presentations on completely different topics, ranging from the history of memes to the fashion industry. Each report was marked by originality and found its audience. And at the end of the event there was a vote for the prize of audience sympathy, according to the results of which Andrei Chistyakov became the winner in the nomination “Best Speech”, and the prizes were taken by Elizaveta Maslenkina and Vadim Gerber.

As a reward for the victory, the students were presented with fascinating books.

“This is actually my first time participating in an event of this format, and I’m very impressed. We have never had such an event, and you are very lucky. And I would like to thank the Primakov Center on behalf of the curatorship today, because this event is in many ways, of course, thanks to our cooperation, thank you very much. I would also like to thank our students from the scientific community! – Mr. Andrey Eliseev, Head of the Student Scientific Community, commented on the meeting.

Photo: Anastacia Tolstikova; Zero Chair: SNO of the History Department.