On October 15, the Clubs of the Primakov Centre took part in the Festival of Student Associations. Each of the clubs in its own way was remembered by the freshmen with a rich program.

SinoClub treated all participants of the festival with freshly brewed Chinese tea Te Guan Yin, and the tea master was a wonderful Anastasia Masharova. In addition, the participants got acquainted with the tools for the tea ceremony and the Chinese tea vocabulary.

DerKlub helped students and other guests of the club to learn better not only German, but also their native language, because the club’s performance was dedicated to “Lehnwörter”, i.e., borrowed words. The icing on the cake was the visit of the real knights, who arranged a Schauspiel for all present!

TurkishClub shared the basic knowledge about the beautiful and amazing Turkey, conducted an entertaining quiz, treated dear guests to Turkish lukum and Eastern sweets. The students watched a Russian-Turkish TV series, which was filmed by the participants of TurkishClub! All participants of the festival received keepsake cards with the most beautiful men of Turkey (Serkan Bolat and Kemal Soidere).

By the way, thanks to TurkishClub, there was a wonderful photo zone with Serkan Bolat at the platform of the Primakov Center! You can find your photos with him in the group’s photo album.

FranClub surprised all the guests with the atmosphere of a French cafe. Interested people were able to learn the basic phrases that will help them order their favourite dishes in French. At the end, the waiters accepted the orders of each guest. The most active visitor of the cafe Daria Bannikova received a compliment from the chef.

We say a big thank to everybody who visited the platform of the Primakov Center. We hope that everyone could find something fascinating for themselves. We are waiting for you at meetings of our clubs and other events!