“You are the initiative youth who will build the future of the country”

On October 27, the Primakov Centre’s representatives took part in the round table discussion on the topic “North-East Asian countries: their present and future?”, organized by the North-East Asia Club of Far Eastern Federal University’s Student Scientific Association “Pacifica”. Within the framework of the event, a number of reports dedicated to the current issues of the North-East Asian countries were heard.

For example, Anastasia Masharova, a student of Samara University, spoke about the ecological problems in China and the measures the state takes to solve them. In particular, she mentioned China’s measures to combat desertification and glacier melting. Anastasia’s presentation was highly appreciated by the experts.

Alisa Brachunova, another Samara University student, spoke about the interaction between China and Russia with ASEAN countries in such integration processes as the “One Belt One Road” and the “Greater Eurasian Partnership”. The jury awarded Alisa the second place for her presentation.

Congratulations on your successful participation!