¡Ola, amigos!
On November 2, at the Primakov Centre, the participants of IberAClub celebrated a truly family holiday – the Day of the Dead, without which it is impossible to imagine Mexican culture!

On this day, it is customary to honor the memory of deceased relatives and friends, which is done brightly and cheerfully, so that deceased relatives who return home at this moment can also feel happy and joyfully spend it with their loved ones!

At the event, our students from Mexico told us about the amazing customs of the Day of the Dead: about the graceful Katrina – a charismatic heroine, a Mexican icon, turtles, marigolds and an altar, without which no celebration of the Day of the Dead can do!

The guests were able to see with their own eyes a real altar decorated with orange marigolds, a skull, fruits and colorful cuttings!

The bravest tried out the festive Calaca makeup, which Mexicans decorate themselves with on this day.

While watching the touching cartoon “The Secret of Coco”, in Spanish, the participants were able to enjoy delicious Bread of the Dead with hot chocolate. And the story about the adventure of the boy Miguel in the Land of the Dead could not leave anyone indifferent

Well, what kind of fiesta without music? The chords of the Mexican guitar gently reigned in the air, filling the audience with a festive mood!

Día de Muertos, Day of the Dead – a mysterious and frightening holiday with its name is actually an important and joyful event for Mexicans, because it is inextricably linked with family traditions and is able to unite entire generations!
Such a wonderful Mexican tradition reminds us how important it is to remember and honor the memory of our ancestors, because familia is the most valuable thing that each of us has!