Everything starts with love!

On June 16 the Primakov Centre became a participant of Volgafest 2023 together with our SinoClub, TurkishClub and DerKlub. Let’s talk about everything in order!

At 16.00 there was a SinoClub master class, where the participants learned the secrets of writing Chinese names, especially how to read and spell them correctly.

SinoClub speakers told the audience that the Chinese language is based on characters, which are in turn made up of keys, keys are made up of features, and features are made up of lines.

Finally, as the theme of VolgaFest was love, the citizens of Samara learned about the etymology of the word love and how to say “I love you” in Chinese. The participants also received small gifts from SinoClub – names written in Chinese.

At 17.00 TurkishClub tried to create the atmosphere of love at its small location at Volgafest. A little humorously they managed to play up the passionate love of Samara girls of all ages for popular Turkish actors by placing a specially prepared photo zone with Serkan Bolat.

At the festival, TurkishClub speakers taught guests how to read Turkish (which is very easy, by the way). As a gift, everyone received a card with romantic wishes in Turkish, which they could read by themselves after the master class.

Visitors to our venue were able to feel like real actors and take part in the dramatization of mini-scenes in Turkish and get a recording of the sketch as a reminder.

At 18.00 DerKlub took over the show. As part of their master class, the members of the club offered the participants to write unseren Lieben und Nächsten postcards, which highlighted those features for which we appreciate our loved ones and close people nearby, but often forget to say a few warm words to them. All cards were beautifully designed by kreative Teilnehmer.

Thank you to all those who participated in the SinoClub, TurkishClub and DerKlub workshops despite the changing weather!

We had so much fun! We hope you had fun with us too! We look forward to seeing you at our Primakov Centre clubs next year!