SinoClub hosted a lecture which was dedicated to 风水 (fēngshuǐ). This event is part of the project “Volga and Yangtze – Two Great Rivers” implemented by the Primakov Centre together with the Samara Wushu Federation with the support of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives.

If we translate the word “Feng Shui” literally, 风 is wind, 水 is water. Wind is Yang, the creative and active beginning, and water is Yin, the passive and following Yang beginning. To understand what is the power of Yang, it is enough to take the Russian phrase “Wind of Change” as an example.

When did this art appear? The data vary from 6000 to 3000 years ago. The art was very important for the population of the Celestial Empire for the reason that they were engaged in farming and cattle breeding, as the farmer needed to know exactly: when to sow, where to sow, when to water, when to put the cattle out to pasture and many other things related directly to the management of the household.

Answering to the question of when the art of Feng Shui appeared, it is important to note how it appeared. Our guest – Inna Yarovaya – noted that like everything in China, this art was received from the Gods.

SinoClub participants were also able to learn the basic version of the appearance of trigrams; who first applied the Eight Trigrams to the Tai Chi Diagram to show the interaction of Yin and Yang; and when trigrams were formed.

Trigrams are five elements: metal, water, wood, fire, earth. The five elements are the five movements. They are in constant balance.

Where are these elements located? Wood is in the East, Fire is in the South, Metal is in the West, Water is in the North, and Earth is in the center.

Each element is also assigned a specific color: wood is green, fire is red, earth is yellow, metal is gray or white, water is blue or black.

The elements also have shapes. For example, wood is rectangular, fire is triangular, earth is square, metal is round, and water is wavy.

By the end of the lecture we came to the conclusion that Feng Shui is considered to be the astrology of the Earth, as all the Five Elements are in a certain place in a certain harmony and create the unique beauty of our planet.

And we’re not saying goodbye to you yet this year 六月见!