On September 25, a meeting was held at FranClub with Stéphanie Dubosson, Master of Arts, teacher of history didactics and lecturer at the Higher School of Education of Lausanne.

The meeting participants learned about the beautiful city of Lausanne, where the university where Madame Stéphanie teaches is located.

À propos, in Lausanne there is the Ryumin Palace. The money for its construction was provided by Gabriel Ryumin, whose family moved to Switzerland from Russia in 1840. Therefore, we can say that this building has Russian roots.

The students were happy to communicate with a native French speaker and learn about the cantons in Switzerland. Each Swiss region is like a separate state!

Madame Stéphanie showed photographs of places in Lausanne that she herself visited and told their history.

The students were also able to ask questions about the structure of the cantons, as well as about learning languages ​​at Haute École Pédagogique.

We are so grateful to Madame Stéphanie Dubosson for speaking at the FranClub meeting and look forward to seeing you again soon!

Au revoir! See you in our FranClub in October!