On September 28, a unique meeting of DerKlub – «Numbers around us» was held.

Among us there were those who were just starting to learn German, and some were already singing along with all their might to den Zahlen-Rap:


We have mastered German counting (and now we know the difference between sechs and sechzig, eins and einundzwanzig, sieben and siebenundsiebzig), learned to get acquainted with numbers and even decipher number riddles (1″der” plus 1″Klub” ist gleich..?)

The final stage of the meeting was “deutsches” Lotto!

All the club guests remembered the rules of the board game, used the skills acquired during the meeting in practice and tried their luck.

Everyone expected success… but the only winner in our game was Angelina Antonyan!

Sie ist so ein Glückskind!

We were glad to meet regular members and new guests of the Russian-German club DerKlub!

Bis bald! See you soon!