On October 5, a representative of the Primakov Centre took part in the opening ceremony of African House in Samara State University of Economics.

The House is a place where you are always welcome and the doors of African House will be open to international students from all over the region. The African House will work according to its event calendar. The project platform will host conferences, trainings, business meetings, briefings, festivals, and permanent exhibitions. Here everyone will be able to express themselves and declare themselves!

This space was created on the initiative of the students of SSEU with the support of #RosmolodezhGrants.

As Maria Sergeevna Guseva, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovative Development of the SSUE, noted in her welcoming speech, one of the most important priorities of state policy today is the expansion and deepening of interaction between educational organizations of the Russian Federation and African states, the implementation of vocational training programs, academic and student exchanges, the study of the Russian language in African countries, as well as the development of Russian African studies. Indeed, the atmosphere of African House is conducive to establishing pleasant and friendly relations.

“African House will be an excellent platform not only for establishing new contacts between Russian and African young entrepreneurs, but also for consolidating initiatives and ideas that appeared during the Russian-African summit in July this year,” — said Maria Sergeevna.

High Commissioner for International Cooperation, Deputy Secretary General of the Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization, Gabriel Aniset Kochofa, welcoming the audience, noted that Samara is a point of attraction for talented people.

“Today there is a strong concentration of active and creative people here, it is always hospitable and pleasant meetings. Cooperation between Russia and Africa is extremely important and promising in the context of global transformations that are currently taking place in the world, I thank the project team and I am sure that many African students will be very, very pleased to come to you again and again, to African House.” – he stressed.

The opening of African House space in Russia today brought together a large number of not only students, but also representatives of public organizations, businesses, and support institutions.

Chairman of the Samara regional branch of the All-Russian Public Organization “Business Russia”, Dmitry Vladimirovich Khilov said:

“I know that a tremendous amount of work has been done on the House of Africa project, I am glad that it was SSEU that was able to become the winner of the grant project. I thank the university team for their work, we always support and will support you and your ideas.”

SSEU has always been and remains the flagship platform for the implementation of the most promising and advanced projects. African House is another unique opportunity in the piggy bank of innovative achievements of students and university staff.

The source: SSEU.