On 1 September, the Primakov Centre hosted the presentation of the film tour “Extraordinary” Samara. As part of the event, journalism students were able to talk to the film’s creators and ask all the questions they were interested in.

The duration of the film is only 18 minutes. However, even in such a short period of time it turns the viewer’s perception of Samara 180 degrees. During the film, the viewer is accompanied by the voices of the city’s residents, who tell their stories related to Samara’s places.

The film is called “Extraordinary”, because we wanted to overturn the perception of the city’s residents and visitors that Samara is ordinary and unremarkable. We wanted to prove with this film that in fact there is a lot of unusual and interesting things here,” said Andrei Petryakov, the film’s writer and director.

And once again we congratulate everyone on the start of the new school year!