The Samara Model of the UN

The Samara Interuniversity Model of the United Nations is a synthesis of a scientific conference and a business game, during which students reproduce the work of United Nations entities, gain diplomatic, leadership, oratorical and language skills and the ability to come to a compromise.

Participants, delegates, observers, chairmen and experts, acting as official representatives of the member-countries of the United Nations and international organizations, reproduce the work of the UN. Their main purpose is to study and present the position of a country defined through the UN Model on the agenda issue.

The organization and implementation of the UN Model is carried out in accordance with the spirit of the tasks set out in the UN Charter.

The purpose of each simulated UN entity is to prepare a resolution containing recommendations for solving the problem under consideration. The realization of this goal is possible only if a compromise is reached between the interests of all participants represented in this UN entity.

Students of higher educational institutions located in the Samara region are invited to participate in the UN Model. A charge of positive emotions and new friends are guaranteed!

Curator of the Samara Interuniversity Model of the UN: Shakurova Gulya.

Model UN at the Primakov Centre 20.12.22

Every year, more than 80 students and school students not only from Russia, but also from other countries take part in the Model UN, organized by the Primakov Center. This year, representatives of 7 universities and 6 schools from all over the Samara region participated in the game. In the business game, participants become delegates of UN committees, represent the interests of the chosen country and through discussions come to the adoption of a common resolution.

Model UN-2022 at the Primakov Centre

Samara Interuniversity Model of the UN is an exciting business role–playing game in which students and school students reproduced the work of the United Nations General Assembly. The participants of the UN Model – delegates, chairmen, watchers and experts – performed as official representatives of UN member States and members of international organizations who came to the conference to discuss today’s issues. In the model, delegates abstract from their personal point of view and defend the official position of the country they represent. The purpose of the UN Model is to increase the level of knowledge of students and school students about the most topical problems of the world community, to discuss and form their own opinions on these questions.

The interuniversity Model of the UN was held at Samara University

On May 12, 2021, the Regional Centre for the Development of Public Diplomacy and International Relations named after Yevgeniy M. Primakov hosted the interuniversity business game “Model UN”, held to celebrate Victory Day.  During the event, students reproduced the work of the United Nations, which has become a symbol of the desire of the victorious countries to prevent a repeat of the world war.