Your position is wrong!

The Unitis hosted a master class by political scientist Stanislav Davydov “Conducting debates.” He shared his experience and taught students how to defend their position and make the right arguments.

When participating in debates, you need to:

  • provide evidence, not your personal opinion;
  • take into account the audience’s attention span;
  • do not use a lot of complex statistics that are difficult to perceive by ear.

The meeting participants learned:

  • about rhetorical techniques that can be useful in a speech:
  • about the three pillars of rhetoric;
  • about the 5 C rule;
  • about the “Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis” method in argumentation and much more

We did several exercises to consolidate and understand the material. We are sharing one with you so that you can also practice your skills at home.


  1. Choose 3 values ​​that are of paramount importance to you in your life;
  2. Try to give up two values ​​in favor of the third.

🔗And for those who did not have time to attend our meeting, we have prepared a recording that you can watch at home with a mug of tea: