May meeting at DerKlub

Here was the last DerKlub meeting of this academic year, dedicated to the works of R.M. Rilke …

We didn’t expect so many of us, but were very happy about it!

A great lecture about Rilke’s poetry, his unique creative method and the project “Rilke’s Society” was given by Inna Yamshchikova, Head of the Project Technologies Department of the MBUK Samara “SMIBS”.

We learned about what Dinggedicht is and what “Rilke’s last poet” means. But the biggest discovery for all the guests of the club was that not only translators can translate

With the scientific supervisor of “DerKlubY.V. Nesteryuk we read in German, translated and analyzed the poem “Der Panther”.

Club co-chair V.S. Sudareva spoke about the Elfchen poem form, through which each member was able to express their own impressions of our meeting and Rilke’s poetry!

Thank you to everyone who came to our meetings and panels!
It is so nice to have such a creative, engaged and aware team!
We don’t say goodbye, we just say “Bis bald!”

P.S. Stand by for information on the very interesting Contest!