On October 18 at the at the Regional Centre for the Development of Public Diplomacy and International Relations named after Evgeniy M. Primakov, the first meeting of the Iberoamerican Club took place!

The sunny countries of the Ibero-American region are famous for their diversity of cultures, filled with vibrant and colorful traditions!

At the meeting, the club members told us about the stereotypes of the peoples living in this region.

Speakers who came to us from distant countries of Latin America: Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador and Brazil happily shared the impressions of their native countries and their traditions, which helped us get to know their culture better and gave us the opportunity to admire the picturesque and exotic landscapes!

  • Angelina Movsisyan and Celeste Alvarado told us about the sunny coast of Costa Rica with sandy beaches and tropical palm trees;
  • Freddie Aguilera, Alex and Alina Mironova immersed us in the festive atmosphere, spicy cuisine and sights of Mexico;
  • stereotypes about Portugal were dispelled by Yana Vidyaskina;
  • Ivan Sivkov and Evelyn Tapia told us about Ecuador, a country located in the very center of the globe;.
  • we learned about Brazil, the country of never-ending colorful carnival, from Ohana and Elizaveta Morozova.

Students took part in an exciting quiz based on the speakers’ reports, during which they were able to apply new knowledge about the countries of the Ibero-American region. According to its results, the most active ones received memorable prizes!

At the end of the meeting, all participants were treated to snacks!