On September 17, 2023, a large-scale educational event took place at Samara University – the first All-Russian Physics Day, which was attended by about 200 students in grades 9-11 from schools in Samara and the Samara region, along with parents and teachers.

All-Russian Physics Day brought together 18 cities and 25 leading universities across the country. The event was dedicated to the birthday of the outstanding Russian scientist Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky.

During the event, you could test your knowledge of physics at the first All-Russian Physical Dictation. Anyone could participate in the Physical Dictation. Based on the results of the dictation, 22 participants were awarded certificates and prizes.

After the All-Russian dictation, Physics Day participants were invited to attend various events in the natural sciences and technology. For example, participants could demonstrate their oratory and leadership skills in Physical battles. The guys were divided into two teams and solved non-standard physical problems.

Participants could increase their understanding of the importance of imagination and adventurism in engineering at Engineering Competitions. Participants competed in the following categories: who will assemble the best crossbow from the office? Best paper airplane? Who will come up with the most creative invention and present it?

To popularize knowledge in the field of physics and increase interest in the study of natural sciences, participants were asked to solve a Physics crossword puzzle.

Physics Day was accompanied by a lecture at which the children were introduced to the learning process at the Faculty of Physics, to the latest developments and promising areas of science and technology implemented at Samara University: solar batteries and elements of new generation propulsion and energy systems, micro-optics and devices for nanophotonics, the study of mechanisms formation of complex organic compounds on ice-coated nanoparticles in molecular clouds and regions

Source: Natural Science Institute of Samara University.