On September 23, the first meeting of this academic year took place in EnglishClub! There participants became acquainted with the concepts of “Groundhog day” and “Rat pace”, and also discussed the peculiarities of their perception in the cultures of different countries. Below we share definitions for everyone who was missing.

GROUNDHOG DAY – a situation in which the same usually monotonous experiences occur repeatedly or are felt to occur repeatedly with no change.
RAT RACE – the unpleasant repetitive life of people who have jobs that require them to work very hard in order to compete with others for money, power, status, etc.

In addition, during the meeting, we asked participants to write how you can cope with the autumn routine and not let your daily routine turn into Groundhog Day. From all the proposed ideas, we have compiled a checklist for you:
☑ time to time make a stop and observe your life from afar
☑arrange some events everyday (it should not necessarily be something big, just go for a walk, for example)
☑take care of your mental health (spend time with your friends and family, do not forget about your hobbies)
☑keep a diary to write down your emotions and achievements
☑change your surroundings, for instance, spend some time close to nature
☑focus on small and happy things, it will make self-confident
☑find activities that help you relax
☑go for a walk, when you feel anxious
☑take time for yourself
☑do spontaneous things
☑live every day as if it was the last
☑relax, take it easy

We are waiting for you all at the next meeting, which will take place very soon! Stay updated❤