There they are! Our first-year students!

On August 30, the first meeting of first-year students of the Social and Humanitarian Institute of Samara University took place.

Our ambassadors made a real journey through the faculties, where they told the newly graduated students more about the work of the Primakov Centre. They were happy to see the interested faces of future philologists and journalists, historians, sociologists and internationalists.

As part of the History Department meeting, the first-year students were addressed with welcoming words and necessary information within the walls of the Primakov Centre:

  • Vice-Rector for Educational Work and Youth Policy M.M. Leonov;
  • Dean of the Faculty of History Y.A. Golubinov;
  • Head of the Department of General History, International Relations and Documentary Studies Y.N. Smirnov;
  • curators of training areas A.A. Beltser and Y.A. Zherdeva.

“The Week of Russian Diplomacy”, “Road to Success”, Model of the UN, SCO and ASEAN, cultural clubs… All this is an opportunity to prove yourself and find your place in the future by acquiring important practical skills!

So what is the Primakov Centre?

The Primakov Centre is you and me!

We welcome all subscribing first-year students of all majors and wish you a productive collaboration!