The winners of the “SamInter-2022” interuniversity competition on international relations have been determined in Samara

The competition has already become traditional and gives international students an opportunity to offer their vision of the Samara region external relations development.

This year the focus is on friendly countries that are members of the EAEU, SCO and ASEAN. In addition to traditional contacts with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the contestants suggested expanding contacts with Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran and India, which are either members of the SCO or dialogue partners of the organization.

“Such a great diversity of works shows that students of the Samara region are not indifferent to the sphere of the Russian Federation subjects’ external relations development. For me, as a person working in this direction, this is certainly very positive fact, which allows me to expect that this topic will be relevant for a long time to come,” said Vera Scherbacheva, Head of the Department of External Relations, and thanked the students for their active part in the contest.

Each participant received an internship place. Students are expected to get internships at the Ministry of Economic Development, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Exporters’ Club. The winner of the contest – 2nd year student Alina Barabina – received an invitation from two agencies at once, including the Department of External Relations of the Samara Region Governor’s Administration, according to the press service of the Department of External Relations of the Samara Region.

Photo: Anton Afanasyev.

Source: Samara Independent News Agency