On Science Day, Dmitry Azarov met with young scientists of Samara University

“I am very pleased that the memorial of Yevgeny M. Primakov is carefully respected here. Thanks to wonderful young people, students and teachers, the sphere to which Yevgeny M. paid great attention throughout his life is developing,” said Dmitry Azarov.

The Regional Center for the Development of Public Diplomacy and International Relations named after Yevgeny M. Primakov has already started its work. It regularly organizes foreign language classes for students. Seven clubs have been specially organized, on the basis of which university students get acquainted with the culture of countries, meet Russian and foreign experts to gain skills of public diplomacy.

“The Primakov Centre, which we managed to create with the support of the Governor of Samara Region, is in great demand among students today. There are events constantly taking place here, almost every day everything is scheduled by hours,” said Vladimir Bogatyrev, Rector of Samara University.

There is also an exposition dedicated to Yevgeny M. Primakov, telling about his life and work. All photos and copies of documents were provided by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the assistance of Farit M. Mukhametshin, a senator from the Samara Region.

“He has done a lot to get this center up and running. In many respects, this is not only his personal initiative, but also his merit,” the governor noted the contribution of the Federation Council member.

“I am incredibly touched,” Yevgeny Primakov, grandson of the famous diplomat, shared his impressions of the center’s work. – Yevgeny M. was not the kind of person who was inclined to “bronze”. Perhaps one of the best ways to keep his memory alive is to create scientific institutes, classrooms, scholarships – things that are dedicated to students who study and master the sciences. Many of the photos presented here I had never seen myself before, which I was pleasantly surprised by. Dmitry Igorevich, thank you and Samara University for such warm and wonderful memoirs”.

Today, in the presence of the Governor, a bilateral agreement was signed between Rossotrudnichestvo and Samara University. A bilateral agreement was signed between Rossotrudnichestvo and Samara University. The document was signed by the head of the organization Evgeny Primakov and the rector of the university Vladimir Bogatyrev.

“The signed agreement will give the university new opportunities. We have more than a thousand students from more than 70 countries. So we are interested in increasing their number. It is Rossotrudnichestvo that attracts applicants to study at Russian universities both on a budget and contract basis,” emphasized the rector

Source: Rambler