On September 28, the Primakov Centre hosted a meeting of students with representatives of the Youth Council established under the Department of the Samara Region Government for Interaction with Federal Public Authorities. It represents the interests of youth associations of our region in Moscow and Moscow region, as well as other regions of the Russian Federation. Members of the Youth Council created an interregional non-profit organization – the Association of Regional Youth.

The ARM structure includes ARM MEDIA, the Department of Grant Activities, the Department of Digital and Digitalization, the Youth Development Institute, the Board of Trustees and the Coordinating Council.

As a result of the meeting, students of Samara University learned that ARM is a large and friendly team of like-minded people who are united by something more than joint projects – an opportunity for self-realization.

In addition, the activities of the Association of Regional Youth are aimed at promoting professional employment and developing the human resource potential of young people.

As part of their presentation, the representatives of the ARM delegation told the students about the existing projects in which they can participate. Particular attention of the students was drawn to the assistance in practical training and internships in the industries of interest.

The Primakov Centre has long been cooperating with the Youth Council and the Association of Regional Youth. This is evidenced by a number of jointly implemented projects, including the student quiz “Moscow and the Regions” and the “Read with Us” campaign dedicated to Russian Language Day.