On October 5, Samara University held the meeting of students studying international relations and the Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Davoud Mirzakhani, at the Regional Centre for the Development of Public Diplomacy and International Relations named after Yevgeniy M. Primakov. 

During the meeting, the issues of cooperation between Iran and Russia were discussed. Mr. Mirzakhani noted that the relations between our countries are actively expanding in the political, economic, and cultural spheres. Moreover, the possibility of signing a free trade agreement between the Eurasian Economic Union and Iran is being considered. 

Davoud Mirzakhani shared his experience of learning Russian. He noted that it requires not only immersing oneself in its linguistic peculiarities but also understanding the rich history of the Russian people and their culture.

The students showed a particular interest in Iranian cinematography. The Consul General mentioned that Iranian films are quite popular nowadays. He recommended watching the work of the director Behrouz Shoaybi, “No Prior Appointment”, which has won the main prize at the 19th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival – the Grand Prix for “The Best Feature Film”.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Mirzakhani gave a farewell address to our students:

“I would like to wish each of you, dear students, success in the path of science development and improvement of your knowledge”. 

Photos: Daria Yurlova, the Directorate of Foreign Relations of the Administration of the Governor of the Samara Region.