Good afternoon, dear friends!

30 мая состоялась последняя в этом учебном году встреча нашего клуба. На ней участники поделились своими планами на лето, обсудили особенности отдыха в Самарской области, узнали о том, как лето влияет на нас, а также составили checklist “TO DO THIS SUMMER”. Присоединяйтесь к нам, и осенью мы обязательно подъедем итоги!


1. Affordable destinations – Places within a reasonable price range
2. Affordable travel – Travel which is within your price range
3. Around the world – In all corners of the globe
4. Arts and culture – The art, music and other cultural aspects of an area
5. Craft markets – Stalls where goods made by the local people are sold
6. Do as the locals do – Enjoy the activities as the local people do
7. Efficient public transport – A functioning transport system intended for the use of residents and visitors
8. Exotic destinations – Unusual or strange holiday destinations
9. Get around – Get from place to place
10. Guided tours – Walking, hiking or driving visits led by a guide who knows the area
11. Holiday brochures – Pamphlets advertising holiday destinations
12. Holiday destination – Place to which you leave on holiday
13. Long haul flights – Long distance flights
14. Lush rainforests – Luxuriant equatorial forests 15. Magnificent landscapes – Impressive scenery 16. Make advance reservations – Booking ahead of time
17. Memorable experiences – Activities that you will remember for years
18. Off the beaten track – A place that is not on the main thoroughfare
19. Out of season – Outside the most popular holiday period
20. Packaged deals – Travel deals that are put together by an agency and sold as a package
21. Quaint villages – Old fashioned or charming small towns
22. Scenic views – Lovely scenes
23. Self-catering accommodation – A Place to stay where you see to your own food
24. Spectacular beaches – Impressive sandy shorelines
25. Stunning architecture – Magnificent buildings
26. Swarming with tourists – Full of holidaymakers
27. Time on their hands – Available time to do as you choose
28. To get away from it all – To get away from everyday routines
29. To go sightseeing – Take a trip around an area to see what it has to offer
30. Travel abroad – Travel to overseas destinations
31. Travelling light – Travelling with little luggage 32. Value for money – A good return on investment 33. Visa regulations – Laws that relate to entry into a country
34. Wildlife safari – A guided tour through a game park